Q50 Races chooses UNIQUE LOCATIONS for our unique trail races. Our main goal is to offer participants the opportunity to run on trails surrounded by picturesque natural scenery, but also to design a challenging race with professionalism and impeccable organization.

 As a result of the growth in interest in extreme Sports, both by participants and spectators, ultra running events have become an attractive new challenge to runner communities all over the world. By providing the opportunity to run in scenic and exotic locations, the Q50 Races has become more than just an Ultra running event, in that it affords the ability to  combine the passion for running with the passion for traveling.

 Q50 Races has a profound commitment for the protection and preservation of the Environment. We value our recognized reputation for not providing paper or plastic at our races, never leaving a trace of liter or waste at our venues, as well as our policy of BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle).

We hope you decide to join us and we look forward to meeting you at the next Q50 Races!