September 23, 24 and 25th

Registration: Open May 1st.

Welcome to Q50 Races Crossroads 2022! The Race Site will be at the Bogue Chitto State Park (Franklinton, LA), Meeting Room (follow Park Signs).

The deadline to switch your mileage up or down is Tuesday, September 21st at Midnight. There will be NO mileage switching on Race Day and NO Race Day Registration.

Registrations open May 1st
From May 1st to September 1st
10 miles $65
20 miles $85-$110
30 miles $95-$120
50 miles $110-$125
100 miles 3 days: $180

Race Times; Registrations are as follow: Friday, 9/23/22: 30 Milers start at 6am & Register at 5:15am Saturday, 9/24/21: 50 Milers start at 6am & Register at 5:15am Saturday, 9/24/20: 10 Milers start at 9am & Register at 7:30am Sunday, 9/25/20: 20 Milers start at 7am & Register at 6:15am All Races will start at 7am with registration at 6:15am, with the exception of the 10 milers, which will start at 9am with registration at 7:30am.

The loop is 10 milesish long, ONLY one station at the end of each loop. We will have everything you need to eat to complete your events. If you need anything special BRING IT! . As our races already have a no paper or plastic policy, every participant must supply their own hydration container, and the provided water/Gatorade will ONLY be dispensed by our volunteers. We will have food for all participants, and you are free to bring your own food, as well as any items particular to your needs. Hand Sanitizer will be available. ONE shirt per event.

Do not guarantee a t-shirt if you registered within 2 weeks of the event, We will follow ALL Park rules and regulations and encourage you to follow common sense hygiene and to take personal responsibility for your own health/safety concerns and social distancing. IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL, DON’T COME.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and as always, we thank you for your support. Happy Trails! Cesar Torres 504-390-8807 [Our first edition of this awesome experience, a 100 miles in 3 days. Place: Bogue Chitto State Park, Franklinton, LA Dates: September 23th, 24th and 25th, 2022 Distances: September 23th: 30 Miles: 6:00am 11 Hrs limit September 24th: 50 and 10 Miles: 6:00am 10 miles: 9:00am 14 hrs limit September 25th: 20 Miles: 7:00am 7 Hrs limit NO RACE DAY REGISTRATIONS!!  You can participate individually in any of these 3 categories. 30 Miler: 50 Miler: 20 Miler: 10 Miler: 10 mile challenging loops! We are working on the swag as we speak!

This is going to be pretty awesome. Registrations open Soon IMPORTANT NEWS! NO PACERS FOR ANY CATEGORIES!!! Even if you have a friend running any other category CAN NOT wait for your and they run with you. NO PACERS! any questions feel free to contact me.

NO BICYCLES ON THE COURSE! ONLY FROM Q50 ORGANIZATION. You can not FOLLOW while you are on a bike NO!! you will be disqualified. Any questions you can write me at WE DO NOT HAVE PAPER OR PLASTIC CUPS! You must carry you own bottle water, camelback or hydration belt. Any questions please let me know 504-390-8807


We will have food and refreshments provided by the New Orleans Mission Shelter. Food and refreshments: Liquids: Water and Gatorade Food: peanut butter sandwiches, pretzels, chips, potatoes, hammer gels, bananas, salt, warm food at the end of each 10 mile loop. If you need any special you must bring it with you. If there is something missing on the list please let us know, and we will have it for you Weather for race day: Check the weather before you come. Bring a set of dry clothes to keep you warm. Feel Free to Call if you have any questions at: 504 390 8807 Cellular VOLUNTEERS: Yes, we need a few please contact me if interest it at 504-390-8807 Course Rules:

Pacing or Crewing: NO PACERS! NO DOGS, NO BABY STROLLERS, NO BICYCLES, and NO EARPHONES (Optional on the 52 and 39 miles), etc. ALLOWED on the COURSE! This event is “Bring Your Own Bottle”. In our efforts to keep our races and the park green, we will not have cups at the water stations. This reduces the amount of trash and our impact on the park. Water will be provided for filling up your bottles, camelbacks, and other containers at the water stations on the course. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Come prepared for the HOT weather. Bring sunscreen and make sure to stay hydrated. Don’t forget a whistle, camelback, water bottle or belt! INSECT REPELLENT IS A MUST! You will run in areas where nature will offer all its beauty, please DO NOT leave any trace behind you. Every runner must carry out their trash (granola bar wraps, gel packs, paper, etc) and deposit it in the proper places at the finish line, since this race does not have aid stations throughout the course. It is very important to Q50 Races to preserve the environment where our events take place. Runners not respecting this rule will be disqualified. It is completely forbidden to extract and/or collect any kind of flora or fauna, rocks, etc. anywhere on or around the course.

Enjoy and respect nature! TAKE CARE OF IT! Each runner will have to cover their medical expenses in case of emergency. Like any competitions of this kind, a medical and travel insurance is recommended to cover any emergencies. For safety reasons, companions, friends or family will only be able to assist runners at the start/finish line. For safety reasons, no vehicles will be permitted to accompany any runner at any time during the race. Cut off times are not negotiable. The numbers given to the runner prior to the race, must be at a visible place on the front of the runner at all times during the course. For logistic and safety reasons, companions, family and friends will only be permitted in assigned areas noted by Q50. Car traffic during the event will NOT be suspended. For this reason, runners should use precaution in the small parts where they will be on the open road. Q50 will be coming and going all around the course during the event. They will be properly identified. In case of emergency, runners should inform one of these Q50 people. Q50 reserve the right to take out of the race any runner that is considered not to be physically capable of finishing the race (medical opinion will be requested for this to happen). A Q50 representative should be informed immediately by any runner dropping out.

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