Q50 RACES BADLANDS50 2020 “Here We GO”

 So it begins a new year and a new race. Feel free to scroll down below to see info from last years event. I will be posting updates here as well as pictures and videos. We are very excited to be hosting our second Ultra on April 18, 2020 in Desoto National Forest. This as far as I know is the most inexpensive Ultra outside of FREE and self supported. You pay $1 per mile. Your price of admission will include a BADLANDS50 t-shirt and snacks and drinks along the course. However with limited entry price we run a very low key little frill race. You can expect some great freebies from trail Toes our race sponsors but little else. We hope you can join us this year in our event. Please spread the word so that we can build the race.
We want to welcome all of you Q50 RACES BADLANDS50 2019, we hope you enjoy it and we can’t wait to see you all. Please check the following information about the events. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contact us, happy trails.
*Saturday April 18th, 2020*
*50 Miles* 3 loops in shape of an 8
Bethel Mountain Biking Trail
Saucier, MS
USED GOOGLE MAP! This will take you directly.
4:15-5:30AM – Registration Packet pick up
5:40AM – Course Instructions
6:00AM – Race Starts
Requirements: Camelback, head light or flashlight the first 30 minutes, and a whistle. NO PACERS!
Limit for the half marathon 13 and a half hours
The Start/Finish is the same area as the parking lot. Please don’t waist space when parking. You can set up a tent with personal items needed directly behind or in front of your vehicle.
*50K* 2 loops in shape of an 8
4:15-5:30AM – Registration Packet pick up
5:40AM – Course Instructions
6:00AM – Race Starts
Remember the facilities do not have running water and the bathroom is a primitive one pretty much a hole in the ground. We are renting a portable toilet. You can camp at the site.
IF YOU NEED ANYTHING SPECIAL BRING IT! sunscreen, special foods, gels etc. We will have the essentials plus a few food surprises from the Mission 
We will have food and refreshments provided by the New Orleans Mission Shelter. Also awesome hand made medals, awards and swag.
Check the weather before you come.
Feel Free to Call if you have any questions at: 504 390 8807 Cellular.
Ultra Trail Race: 50 Mile or 50 Kilometer options. 50 Milers with complete 3 loops of  while 50k will compete two loops. Expect sand, roots, hills and a beautiful course. Aid station provided at 6 milestone in on the main loop and the start/finish line.
The start is at 6am and the finish is at 7:30pm for both races. You have a 13.30 hour cutoff for both races. You must be on the final lap of the 50 miler by 4:30pm. We will not let you continue after 4:30pm

Date: April 18th, 2020
Where: Bethel Mountain Bike Trails

Hwy 15. Harrison, Ms 39532


We will have a t-shirt, medals refreshments and food after the race, supply by the New Orleans Mission shelter

Rules and regulations:

Requirements: A whistle, a camelback/hydration belt/water bottle.


 – This event is “Bring Your Own Bottle”.  In our efforts to keep our races and the park green, we will not have cups at the water stations.  This reduces the amount of trash and therefore, our  impact on the park.  Water will be provided for filling up your bottles, camelbacks, and other containers at the water stations on the course.  Drink water to stay hydrated.

You will run in areas where nature will offer all its beauty, please DO NOT leave any trace behind you. Every runner must carry out their trash (granola bar wraps, gel packs, paper, etc) and deposit it in the proper places at the finish line, since this race does not have aid stations throughout the course. It is very important to Q50 Races to preserve the environment where our events take place.

Runners not respecting this rule will be disqualified.

It is completely forbidden to extract and/or collect any kind of flora or fauna, rocks, etc. anywhere on or around the course. Enjoy and respect nature! TAKE CARE OF IT!

For safety reasons, companions, friends or family will only be able to assist runners at the start/finish line.

For safety reasons, no vehicles will be permitted to accompany any runner at any time during the race.

Cut off times are not negotiable.

The numbers given to the runner prior to the race, must be at a visible place on the front of the runner at all times during the course.

For logistic and safety reasons, companions, family and friends will only be permitted in assigned areas noted by Q50.

Q50 will be coming and going all around the course during the event. They will be properly identified. In case of emergency, runners should inform one of these Q50 people.

Q50 reserve the right to take out of the race any runner that is considered not to be physically capable of finishing the race (medical opinion will be requested for this to happen).

A Q50 representative should be informed immediately by any runner dropped 


CourtYard Marriott


use Badlands50

Reserve by April 5th

$104.00 plus tax

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