So people have asked us what is the definition of the Q and the 50 in Q50 Races.

The Q is from the word Quest and the 50 is from 50 miles our first distance and race organized.

Q50 Races is a worldwide company who after 12 years still in a QUEST to discover new trails, new venues, new races and above all a reason for people to discover a new and fun way get out and enjoy nature and relax and family ambiance.

We have in the past done races in Mexico, Argentina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Italy, France, and now established in the USA. We have support and help communities specially in Mexico, Argentina, and Nicargua where we have distributed more than $150,000.00 in the rebuilding of health clinics, schools and nursing homes. In the USA we have supported the New Orleans Mission shelter and soon we will announce our new social cause. We are not stopping, we will keep searching into doing international events and local new events.

We are always looking for the support of the community, and without you has been impossible to do what we do. Thank you.

Q50 Races Worldwide